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Answer the questions below to generate a traveller list adjusted to your needs. Remember to choose answers closely corresponding to your travelling plans to make your list as precise as possible.

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Choose the person for whom the list is to be generated. Your answer will influence the results you get.

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If you are going to use many different means of transport, choose the one that involves the most resrictionse.g. in a plane there are restictions concerning falmmable materials in your luggage and its size

What are you going to pack to?

Choose your luggage size

Main accomodation form

Where are you going to sleep most of the time? If you plan to use various forms of accomodation, remember to mark the one that involves the most preparations i.e. if you plan to stay in a hostel and in a campsite- mark the campsite

Where are you going?

Tourism unorganized / sightseeing
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Leisure tourism - organized tourism
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Active tourism:
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Other types:
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The types of trips are selected in such a way to make it possible for everyone to choose the most appropriate one.Still, if you cannot find the trip that suits you most, choose to one that is the most alike. Don't worry about activities that go along with it. You will be able to add them later.

Additional options

Sport activitiess
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Additional options
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If you plan to diversify your free time or to do some additional activities, mark the right options. example: your trip type: skiing but you are going to swim too, mark "skiing" and "swimming".